South Coast

South Coast Presbytery (PCA) met for a stated meeting on September 18, 1999, at North Coast Presbyterian Church, Encinitas, California. The Rev. Dr. Dave Eby read and commented on Psalm 145:1-7, 18-20; and I Corinthians 15:58. He welcome the Presbytery on behalf of the host church, expressing thanks to God for providing the funding to enable the congregation to purchase and remodel its new facility in Poway.

The license to preach of three men-Messrs. Doug L. Coyle, Gerard Marinucci, and Brad Trenham-had expired. Presbytery removed them from the roll of Licentiates and Candidates.

Presbytery approved the transfer of the Rev. Fred Hofland to Eastern Carolina Presbytery, and the transfer of Mr. Bernie van Eyk's candidacy and licensure to Central Georgia Presbytery.

Presbytery divided to hear licensure sermons from Candidates Matthew Bohling and David Booth.

Darlene Eby, regional teacher-trainer for Great Commission Publications and the denominational Committee on Christian Education and Publications, brought a report. Melanie Cogdill, president of South Coast Prosaic, brought her report.

The Rev. Andy Noch reported on his ministry in Ethiopia, which focused on developing a one-to-one discipling program, and on the discipleship-training program in which he is now engaged in San Diego County, among a variety of ethnic groups, with Church Dynamics International.

Licentiate Lloyd Kim preached a sermon from Ruth 2:8-16 as part of his ordination exam. He stated one exception to the Westminster Standards, viz., that he believes that some forms of recreation do not hinder rest and worship on the Lord's Day and therefore are permitted by Scripture. His examination was approved. He has been called by New Life Mission Church of Anaheim Fullerton, a congregation of the Korean West Presbytery, to serve as associate pastor.

Dr. Rod Mays, national director of Reformed University Ministries, and the Rev. Russ McCauley, RUM campus minister at the University of California Santa Barbara, brought a report on the PCA's ministry to North American colleges and universities.

Presbytery adjudicated a complaint brought by Matthew Bohling against the actions of April 10, 1999, in handling the withdrawal of Dr. Mark D. Futato from the PCA. The Presbytery responded to the complaint by determining:

"i) that the presbytery erred in failing to have and consult the current wording of BCO 38-3 (reflecting the amendment adopted in [1998]) in its handling of the charges pending against TE Futato and his withdrawal from the PCA; but

"ii) that the action by presbytery with reference to TE Futato was nevertheless not inconsistent with the current (amended) wording of BCO 38-3; and therefore

"iii) that, in view of TE Futato's renunciation of the jurisdiction of South Coast Presbytery and the PCA and in view [of] the difficulty of prosecuting this particular case in absentia, the presbytery will not further adjudicate the charges that were pending against TE Futato when it took the action complained against." The Rev. James Dennison, a faculty member at Westminster Theological Seminary in California (where Dr. Futato had taught), requested that his negative vote be recorded.

Dr. Iain Duguid reported for the Commission dealing with the Mahoney complaint. The committee found the complaint out of order due to the failure to file said complaint within the thirty day time limitation.

Dr. Dick Kaufmann reported on the progress toward a new church plant in downtown San Diego. The Rev. Gary Nannt of Border Evangelism and Mercy Ministry reported on plans to develop ministry to Hispanics on both sides of the US/Mexican border at Tijuana and San Diego.

The Presbytery agreed to nominate the Rev. Dennis Johnson for election as a trustee of Covenant College.

Presbytery examined and approved for licensure Mr. Matthew Bohling. He stated two exceptions to the Westminster Standards: (1) The Westminster Shorter Catechism Q/A 61 lists as a violation of the fourth commandment "the profaning the [Sabbath] day by idleness," but he believes that Scripture enjoins physical rest as well as worship on the Lord's Day; (2) The Westminster Confession of Faith 27:4 states that the sacraments may not be "dispensed by any, but by a minister of the Word lawfully ordained"; he believes that while the ministry of the Word and the administration of the sacraments should be kept together, he also believes that in exceptional cases-for instance, where geographical distance consistently prevents the presence of a minister-it would be appropriate for a doctrinally-sound ruling elder to administer the sacraments. The Presbytery voted that his first "exception" is not an exception to the Standards, and that his second exception is indeed an exception to the Standards.

Presbytery received Mr. Rich Schaeffer under care as a ministerial candidate.