McLean (Va.) Presbyterian Church hosted the 40th Stated Meeting of Potomac Presbytery on November 13, 1999. The Rev. Stephen E. Smallman, Sr., preached from II Timothy 2:1-10. The Moderator, the Rev. Ronald E. Steel, presided over the meeting.

Presbytery approved the commission reports to install Richard Burguet as Pastor of Loch Raven Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Maryland; and to install Will LaRose as Assistant Pastor of Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Edgewater, Maryland.

The following officers for the year 2000 were elected: Moderator, Ruling Elder George Anderson; Vice-Moderator, James Hutchens; Stated Clerk, Ruling Elder Richard R. Larson; Recording Clerk, Ruling Elder Gordon E. Klotsch; Treasurer, Deacon James P. Sperger.

Presbytery approved the reception of the Rev. James Tonkowich from Northern California Presbytery. He had been referred back to the Committee on Credentials because of questions regarding his view of the Roman Catholic Church. The motion to sustain the exam was amended to include the words, "and to allow no further examination."

The Rev. John Keen was received from Central Florida Presbytery to become Assistant Pastor at Chapelgate Presbyterian Church, Marriottsville, Maryland.

Presbytery approved the petition from Harvest Fellowship for organization as a particular church, scheduled for February 20, 2000.

The Presbytery approved the "needful work" reports of several ministers serving out of bounds; and also directed several other ministers to submit their reports by February 2000. Upon the review as required by BCO 13-2 and 34-10, the Presbytery found no culpable dereliction nor evident lack of acceptance to the church by the Revs. Richard Fisher, William Rose and Michael Conord, and therefore continued them as ministers "without call." Three other ministers were directed to communicate with the Committee on Ministerial Relations (CMR) as to their failure to submit a "without call" report for 1999.

Presbytery approved the resignation of the Rev. Stanley Long as Pastor of Forest Park Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Maryland, effective midnight January 23, 2000.

Since there is only one ruling elder at Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church, Frederick, Maryland, and in the absence of a pastor, Presbytery appointed the CMR as a commission to handle any matter needing the action of a church court at the congregation, until the Session is reconstituted.

The Rev. Benton W. Taylor was examined and received from Central Georgia Presbytery, to become an Associate Pastor at Timonium (Md.) Presbyterian Church. The call was approved "with the requirement that the Session, with the concurrence of the congregation, would pursue the call of one of the Associate Pastors as Senior Pastor by the February 2000 meeting" of the Presbytery. The Presbytery postponed consideration of an overture from the Timonium Church, proposing amending the Book of Church Order so as explicitly to allow for multiple pastors.

Mr. Timothy H. Hudson was examined and approved for ordination as Associate Pastor of Severn Run Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Severn, Maryland.

Mr. Mark J. Rollman was examined and licensed to preach. Mr. Calvin Tam was taken under care as a ministerial candidate. Presbytery approved the action of its Committee on Credentials acting as a commission which licensed Mr. Steven Lee.

As a first reading, the Presbytery voted to amend its Bylaws by adding a new section, as follows: "With respect to the examination of a Teaching Elder seeking admission to Potomac Presbytery from another Presbytery of the PCA (BCO 13-6), upon CC [Committee on Credentials] recommendation and after oral examination, Presbytery shall vote either aye or nay concerning the question to sustain. Should Presbytery fail to sustain the examination, at that meeting of Presbytery representatives of the majority shall be appointed to prepare a statement of the erroneous views alleged, citing how the views are out of accord with the Constitution of the PCA, which shall then be submitted to the Teaching Elder in question.

"Within 20 days of adjournment Presbytery shall meet and receive written answer and hear the oral defense of that answer by the Teaching Elder (or his representative) in question, if he is willing, who shall have consulted further with the Committee on Credentials ad interim, and who shall have the right to counsel from among the members of Presbytery appointed on his behalf. If after further examination and consideration Presbytery fails to sustain the examination, that fact, along with the written statements herein required, shall be entered in the minutes of Presbytery, and shall be conveyed to the Presbytery of which the Teaching Elder in question is a member.

"If the Teaching Elder (or his representative) in question does not appear, the facts shall be recorded in the minutes, as well as the written statements of allegations, and there the matter shall end."

The Rev. Ron Steel reported on the work of the Committee on Presbytery Boundaries. The Presbytery received a resolution from Pilgrim Presbyterian Church, Martinsburg, West Virginia, requesting that the Presbytery "apply all due diligence in pursuing the division of the Presbytery"; and also requesting that the Presbytery "concur with the desire of and to lend assistance to particular congregations in its western region in the formation of a Shenandoah Valley Presbytery."