Mississippi Valley

A stated meeting of the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley (PCA) was held at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi, February 15, 2000. TE Jim Landrum opened the meeting with prayer at 9 AM. The Stated Clerk established that there was a quorum present. TE Dean Rydbeck was elected Moderator and he again opened in prayer. The adoption of the docket was approved, visitors were introduced, and the welcome was given from the host church.

Resolutions were adopted and read in memory of Howard Allen who passed away. Dr. Derek Thomas lead us in worship preaching from 1 Peter 5:1-11. The entire meeting was seasoned with prayer throughout.

Rev. Wes Baker was dismissed to PEF in Peru.

The call for Rev. Jeff Elliott to become Associate Minister of Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland was approved.

Rev. B.I. Anderson was approved as stated supply for Union Church in Union, MS. Mr. Mike Philliber was approved as student supply in Pickens, MS for one more year. Rev. Mark Kreitzer was approved as stated supply for Bailey Presbyterian Church.

The following men were approved as candidates: Scott Jones at RTS Orlando, and Chad Bailey, Guy Richard, William Inman, and Rohan Crown, all at RTS Jackson.

The following men were approved as interns: Dennis Hermerding at First Presbyterian Church in Madison, William Inman at Alta Woods Presbyterian Church, Chad Bailey at Belhaven College RUM, Guy Richard at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson.

Dr. David Jussely, RTS Jackson, was approved for licensure based on his previous examination. Mr. David Bergmark was examined and approved for licensure after preaching a sermon on Matthew 8:1-4. Rev. Mark Kreitzer was examined for licensure and approved with the stipulation of not teaching/preaching in three areas in which he took exception: the Regulative Principle of worship in a cross-cultural situation, his continental view of the Sabbath, and his views on the covenant (he denies the existence of the Covenant of Works). Mr. Larry Wissel was examined and approved for ordination as pastor of Wyndale Church.

Three overtures came to the floor of Presbytery in New Business. These overtures were brought by St. Paul Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi. All three overtures dealt with the nature of a woman's involvement in the Lord's Day corporate worship services of the Church of Jesus Christ. The first two overtures failed even after amendment. However, the third overture was approved unanimously after amendment. This overture resolves to replace the wording of BCO 53-6, which currently reads, "No person shall be invited to preach in any of the churches under our care without the consent of the Session," with the following, "Only qualified men with the consent of the Session shall be invited to preach/exhort in any of the churches under our care."

After setting the arrangements for the next Presbytery meeting to be held at Reformed Theological Seminary on June 6, 2000, Dr. Ligon Duncan closed the meeting with prayer.

-Guy Richard, Correspondent