October meeting

The Sixty-first Stated Meeting of Louisiana Presbytery was held on October 16, 1999, at the John Knox Presbyterian Church, Ruston, Louisiana. The Moderator, the Rev. Dana Casey, convened the meeting. The Rev. George Crocker preached a sermon from I Peter 5:1-3, I Timothy 6:3-6, and Titus 2:1-8. The Rev. Jeff Steel administered the Lord's Supper.

Numerous visitors, both men and women, were introduced. The court voted to extend to the visitors the privilege of the floor.

The Rev. Jim Jones introduced the Rev. Bill Smith of Fellowship Baptist Church, Sulphur, Louisiana. Mr. Smith outlined his hope of bringing himself and his church into the Presbyterian Church in America, under the care of Mr. Jones and the Session of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Lake Charles. The Rev. Steve Wilkins offered prayer for the intended church plant in Bossier City and for the Fellowship Baptist Church.

Presbytery voted that the Stated Clerk should write to the Rev. Cleve Chandler, per BCO 34-10, that the matter of his transfer from Louisiana to Southeast Louisiana Presbytery be handled at the next stated meeting of Presbytery.

The Clerk was instructed to write a letter to the First Presbyterian Church, Stamps, Arkansas, requesting that the church employ only Reformed men as pulpit supply and that the church encourage such a regular supply as Mr. Bill Lanier to seek examination and licensure by Presbytery.

Presbytery voted to redress the error of the April 17, 1999, stated meeting by changing the designation of the "ad hoc Session" for the DeRidder (La.) Presbyterian Church to "ad hoc Commission," and by appointing Mr. Crocker as convener of the commission.

The court removed Ruling Elder Ken Thurman as a licentiate because of his move to Texas out of Presbytery's bounds.

January meeting

The Sixty-second Stated Meeting of Louisiana Presbytery met at the Pineville (La.) Orthodox Presbyterian Church on January 15, 2000. Retiring Moderator Dana Casey preached from James 1:1-8; and the Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Opelousas, Louisiana, assisted him in the administration of communion. Ruling Elder Hewitt Carter, who was not a commissioner to the court, assumed the office of Moderator.

The Presbytery noted in its minutes that Oakdale (La.) Presbyterian Church has withdrawn from the PCA. [The congregation joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.-Ed.]

In response to a letter from Ruling Elder Wayne Sparkman, Director of the PCA Historical Center, the Presbytery voted that it "allow public access to its minutes (except for minutes of executive sessions)."

The Rev. Marcus Rench reported that the mission work in Bossier City, Louisiana, has come under the care of the Presbytery's Mission to North America Committee. He read a letter from a congregation, requesting to become a member of Louisiana Presbytery. It was moved, seconded, and passed that Presbytery consider bringing this church into Louisiana Presbytery, and that the MNA Committee pursue all that is involved in this matter, and bring representatives of the congregation to the next Presbytery meeting.

The Rev. Dana Casey reported that the Rev. Rupert Pickett, a minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, has been able to preach part-time at First Presbyterian Church, Stamps, Arkansas.

The Presbytery approved the request of the Rev. Michael Frazier to labor out of bounds while he seeks another call both to a particular church and as reserve chaplain.

It was noted that the Rev. Cleve Chandler is currently working with the Community Bible Church in Baton Rouge. He has indicated that Southeast Louisiana Presbytery will not receive him as long as he is involved in this work. He therefore requested that Louisiana Presbytery allow him to withdraw without censure that he might pursue his current work with Community Bible Church. The Presbytery voted to accept Mr. Chandler's request.

Presbytery approved an amended version of an overture from John Knox Presbyterian Church, Ruston, Louisiana, which addresses Tennessee Valley Presbytery with regard to the Cedar Springs matter [see related story in this issue-Ed.]. The Presbytery also approved an amended overture from the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Monroe, Louisiana, regarding the future of Louisiana Presbytery in the PCA [see related story in this issue-Ed.].

Presbytery arose as a Presbytery and was seated as a Corporation in order to elect Corporation officers.