Great Lakes

The Fall Stated Meeting of Great Lakes Presbytery was held on October 8-9, 1999, at Northwest Presbyterian Church, Dublin, Ohio. The Moderator, Mark Dalbey, presided. Mr. David Rogers preached at opening worship from Luke 4:31-44.

Various commission reports were approved: to ordain and install David Sabella as Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Cynthiana, Kentucky; to ordain and install David Kuo as Assistant Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky; to install Dan Clay as Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio; to install Petros Roukas as Senior Pastor of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky; and to organize Walnut Creek PCA, Gahanna, Ohio, and install Steve Resch as Pastor.

The dismissal of David Young to Siouxlands Presbytery, which was approved by the Executive Committee, was ratified. Also ratified was the appointment of members of a committee to formulate policies regarding teaching elders laboring out of bounds. Two members of the Church/Ministerial Welfare Committee were authorized to attend Session meetings of the South Dayton (Ohio) Presbyterian Church "to observe and advise concerning a potential discipline case."

The Presbytery Stated Clerk, the Rev. Dave Dively, who coordinated the arrangements for the 27th PCA General Assembly, thanked the Presbytery for its help in hosting the Assembly. There was a surplus of $10,000. Of that money, $5,000 was to be given to the denominational offices for cost overruns, and $5,000 to the Presbytery for use in church planting in the Detroit, Michigan, area.

The Rev. Tim Bayly, a member of Presbytery who serves at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Bloomington, Indiana, requested more formal relation to the Presbytery without joining the denomination. The special ad hoc committee dealing with ministers laboring out-of-bounds was asked to consider the matter and make recommendations to the Presbytery.

The Rev. Luis Orteza brought fraternal greetings from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

The Rev. Thomas E. Venema was examined and received from Northern California Presbytery, to become Pastor of South Dayton (Ohio) Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Dave Rogers was presented for licensure and ordination examination. His exams were approved, and the court voted to ordain him as an evangelist and church planter in LaPort, Indiana. The Presbytery voted, unanimously, to accept his previous experience as fulfilling the internship requirements.

Mr. John Robertson of Tyrone Covenant Church, Fenton, Michigan, was taken under care as a ministerial candidate. Also taken under care was Mr. Mike Hoppe of Indianapolis.

Presbytery voted by a three-fourths vote (24-8) to waive the requirement of BCO 18-8 regarding PCA church membership, in order to allow Mr. Rob Hooper to come under care as a ministerial candidate. (He is a member of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Bloomington, Indiana.) He was then examined and received as a candidate.

The previous experience of Mr. Earl Cornett was approved as fulfilling the internship requirement. The internship of Mr. R. J. Stansbury, per his request, was suspended.

It was reported that Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, Indiana, was dissolved on June 30, 1999. Disposition of the property and final arrangements continue.

Presbytery adopted the following resolution of thanks:

"To the family of the faithful at Northwest Presbyterian Church:

"As the Great Lakes Presbytery met at your facility, your wonderful hospitality was far beyond what we deserved or expected. In your service to us and in your leading us in worship we received a glimpse of the grace and mercy of God. We know you have experienced God's shielding and protection between His shoulders as you have passed through troubled waters. We commend you to God with these words: The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. May He take great delight in you. May He quiet you with His love. May He rejoice over you with singing."