The Sixteenth Meeting of Fellowship Presbytery was hosted by Olivet Presbyterian Church, McConnells, South Carolina, on September 30, 1999. The retiring Moderator, the Rev. Wallace Tinsley, convened the meeting. Dr. John Carson, a minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, preached from Hebrews 13:20-21. After a season of prayer, Dr. Erskine, who President of Erskine College and Seminary, Due West, South Carolina, addressed the court with regard to these institutions.

Ruling Elder James Lever was elected Moderator by acclamation.

Memorials for two deceased elders-Herbert A. Shealy and William Raymond Pursley, Jr.-were received and spread upon the minutes.

Fellowship Presbytery is responsible for the conduct of one of the worship services at General Assembly in 2000 in Tampa, Florida. Presbytery voted to yield the planning of the worship service at General Assembly to the Organizing Committee for General Assembly, with the Rev. Shelton Sanford being the liaison from Fellowship Presbytery. Presbytery reserved the right to approve the plans.

Presbytery voted to approve a Resolution on Gambling.

The date of the Spring Meeting of Presbytery was changed from the fourth Thursday in April to the fourth Saturday in April.

Miss Jill Estes has been given $3,000 for her missionary support with MTW Impact in Ukraine.

The court voted to invite Mr. Leibert to present a seminar on Understanding Genesis. The Christian Education and Fellowship Committee was instructed to put together an ongoing Bible Training Program for the Presbytery. The program will consist of courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and electives such as What is Reformed Theology, Apologetics, and Church History. The times, places, and instructors are to be worked out by the Committee.

The Presbytery approved having Western Carolina Presbytery become a part of the South Carolina area committee with regard to campus ministry.

The Rev. Fred Thompson was approved as stated supply at Zion Presbyterian Church for one year.

Mr. Chrishon Ducker's internship was approved as having been completed.

The Membership Committee reported that it is putting together a survey and questionnaire to be used by pulpit committees to assist them in determining the suitability of a pastoral candidate.

The Rev. Sam Hoyt made available copies of minutes concerning the formation of Calvary Presbytery for anyone interested in putting together a history of the formation of the PCA in South Carolina.

The Rev. Dr. Richard Belcher had been nominated at the April 1999 meeting to be Moderator of the January 2000 meeting. Ruling Elder Shaun Ballard of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, Rock Hill, South Carolina, was nominated to be Moderator of the April 2000 meeting.