Louisville, Here We Come!
The 27th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America is slated to meet in Louisville, Kentucky, June 15-18, 1999. Major issues on the agenda include dealing with women preaching, and a Statement of Identity for the Presbyterian Church in America which had been circulated throughout the denomination by a self-appointed group of churchmen.---newrecord---

Have Hospital, Will Witness
Veteran PCA minister Charles Wilson undergoes experimental heart surgery.

Mission to North America Committee News
New Coordinators are named for the Mission to North America (MNA) Committee, and for Reformed University Ministries, which is a division of MNA. Also, a woman addresses an MNA church planters conference in California; the invitation extended to her apparently violates the instructions given by the 1997 General Assembly. Meanwhile, Central Georgia Presbytery has once addressed MNA with its concerns.

Adminstrative Committee Needs Money
The Administrative Committee of the Presbyterian Church in America is looking for money.

Christian Education and Publications Emphasis on Reaching the Millennial Generation
The Christian Education and Publications Committee is committed to reaching the Millennial Generation. Read about the CE/P meeting in February, 1999. Also included here is an interview with CE/P Coordinator Charles Dunahoo.

Interview with College Chaplain
Covenant College Chaplain Donovan Graham, in an exclusive interview, shares his thoughts about chapel at denominational school of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Professor Renounces PCA
Mark Futato, who has taught at Westminster Theological Seminary in Calfornia since 1988, has renounced the jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church in America rather than face judicial charges. The charges revolve around his alleged endorsement of the healing ministry of a naturopathic doctor. Earlier this year, Dr. Futato was offered a job at Reformed Theological Seminary, teaching at its Orlando campus.

'Deep Concern' over Women Preaching
Western Carolina Presbytery has overtured the General Assembly, asking that it declare that female preaching is improper. It has also sent a letter to Tennessee Valley Presbytery, asking for an investigation into reports that women have been preaching at one of its prominent churches.

Covenant Presbytery Rebukes Mississippi Valley
Covenant Presbytery, located in north Mississippi, west Tennessee, and most of Arkansas, has sent a strong letter to its neighboring presbytery to the south, Mississippi Valley. The issues include the doctrine of creation, and women's ordination.

Mississippi Valley Controversies
Mississippi Valley Presbytery has recently become embroiled in some controversies.

Did God Create in Six Days?
Greenville (S. C.) Presbyterian Theological Seminary hosted its first annual spring theology seminar. The topic was creation--specifically, did God create in six days of twenty-four hours duration each? Participants from each of the major schools of thought were represented. Also, Greenville Seminary issues a Statement on Creation.

Open Forum on Creation
Two ruling elders of the Presbyterian Church in America exchange ideas on the matter of creation.

Westminster Presbytery Responds to Potomac Presbytery
Westminster Presbytery replies with its own open letter to Potomac Presbytery in the on-going creation debate.

SJC Rules on Creation Cases
The Standing Judicial Commission denied both complaints for which it conducted a full hearing in March, 1999. Both came out of James River Presbytery, both dealt with the doctrine of creation, and both concerned the ordination of the same man.

Illiana Deposes Carbondale Pastor
Illiana Presbytery has deposed the Rev. Mr. Burke P. Shade from the gospel ministry. Meanwhile, Mr. Shade has been received as a ministerial member in good standing in the Synod of the Federation of Reformed Churches (FORC), which has memorialized the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America regarding the matter.

C. Gregg Singer, 1910-1999
Charles Gregg Singer, scholar, author, professor, churchman, minister, and gentleman, passed away on March 22, 1999. He was 88.

News from the Presbyteries
Here is news from Ascension, Calvary, Central Georgia, Eastern Canada, Eastern Carolina, Evangel, Fellowship, Grace, Mid-America, New River, North Florida, Northeast, Northern California, Palmetto, Philadelphia, Rocky Mountain, South Coast, and Westminster Presbyteries.

'Clinton and the Church' and 'Objective, But Not Neutral.'

Our readers respond. One wants to know why we're opposed to the 'civil rights' movement.

Survey Says . . .
Our readers responded to the self-study survey, and also to our survey regarding the impeachment and proposed removal of William Jefferson Clinton from office.

Book Reviews: Infant Salvation and Family Worship
We here review two books--Ron Nash's on infant salvation, and Terry Johnson's on family worship.