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Women Preaching Controversy Continues
At its January 2000 meeting, Tennessee Valley Presbytery declined to investigate or instruct Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Tennessee, with regard to female preaching. Dr. Frank Brock, a ruling elder from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, who also serves as President of Covenant College, declares his support for Cedar Springs’ practice of allowing women in the pulpit. A vigorous protest is spread on the minutes—a protest which specifically calls the attention of the General Assembly Committee on Review of Presbytery Records to the situation. And Louisiana Presbytery keeps up the pressure on Tennessee Valley.

Ascension and Western Carolina Respond to the SJC Officers
Two of the presbyteries which petitioned the General Assembly for original jurisdiction with regard to John Wood and his advocacy of women preaching, have formally contested the finding by the Standing Judicial Commission officers that the case is "out of order."

Women Preaching Story Picked Up by Secular Press
The premier newspaper in upstate South Carolina put the John Wood story on page one. The article took top billing over politics and an environmental disaster.

MTW and Broadway
Benevolence money was spent for Broadway tickets for Mission to the World personnel. According to reports, $5,000 went to pay for tickets to shows such as Les Miserables and Annie Get Your Gun.

Westminster Presbytery Votes to Divide
Citing irreconcilable doctrinal differences, Westminster Presbytery, once considered the most conservative in the Presbyterian Church in America, has voted to divide in such a way as to allow for two presbyteries, each of which would reflect a different approach to theology and ministry.

Mount Carmel Pulls Out of PCA
An unwillingness to take appropriate stances led a church in Somerset, New Jersey, to withdraw from the Presbyterian Church in America.

Louisiana Presbytery Schedules Discussion of 'Serious Doctrinal Departure' by PCA
Louisiana Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America has scheduled a discussion for July 15, 2000, regarding "serious doctrinal departure" by the denomination. The agenda will sound themes of separation and reform.

Are PCA Courts 'Private'?
The consensus of the presbytery stated clerks in the Presbyterian Church in America appears to be that they regard church courts as being private affairs. Reaction comes in with regard to that sentiment. And an attempt to take an historical perspective compares the PCA and Freemasonry on the issue of secrecy.

Southern California Creation Debate
Southern California Presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church hears from two sides in a debate over creation. The discussion underscores the deep theological and philosophical divide on the matter.

Who Wrote the Books of Moses?
At least three Old Testament professors at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, don’t know.

We express our opinion in two editorials: "Is the PCA Reformable?" and "The Secret Society of Jesus or the Commonwealth of Christ?"

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Bill Rose, Founding PCA Minister
Pastor Bill Rose passes away. He was 78.

News from the Presbyteries
Read the latest from the following presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in America: Ascension, Central Carolina, Covenant, Eastern Carolina, Evangel, Fellowship, Great Lakes, James River, Louisiana, Mississippi Valley, New Jersey, North Florida, North Georgia, Philadelphia, Potomac, South Coast, Southwest Florida, Susquehanna Valley, Tennessee Valley, and Westminster.

Quotes from the Quorums
Enjoy a chuckle or two, as you read these "quotes from the quorums."