Quotes from the Quorums

The following quotes were heard on the floor of North Georgia Presbytery at its January 16, 1999, stated meeting:

Having to deal with six candidates brought this exchange between the Moderator and the Chairman of the Candidates Committee: "How much time do you want for each man, Mr. Chairman?" "After two minutes, you flash the red light."

Heard between a commissioner and a candidate being examined for ordination: "Do you happen to know how many meetings you're required to attend of Presbytery?" "It should be all!" After laughter and applause: "Quit while you're ahead!"

"People say, well, Bob, you're warm and fuzzy, we trust you-but there may come a time when arose a Pharaoh that knew not Joseph."-Bob Sweet, during the debate on the authority the Shepherding Committee should have.

"A lot of us forget that when we get a change in our call, we are supposed to come through the Credentials Committee, to get Presbytery's approval to the change. Now, you think-you should be being paid, ministers, what your Presbytery last approved. Some of you would be starving to death if you were!"-Kennedy Smartt.

If you have any quotes from the quorums, please send them in!