P&R News Changes

in Format and Price
Presbyterian International News Service (PINS), the parent organization of Presbyterian & Reformed News, has announced changes in the newspaper's format and price structure. PINS Chairman of the Board, Robert Shapiro, has set forth the recent changes in coverage and the resulting change in subscription price.
Mr. Shapiro noted that the newspaper, which was founded four years ago, has expanded from its original 16 pages to 28 pages in the latest edition. New coverage of women's issues is being developed. The photographic coverage has improved. And, a group of Ministerial Advisors has been assembled, in order to provide feedback.
The price of an individual subscription has accordingly increased, from $5.00/year to $10.00/year. This marks the first increase in price since the inception of the publication. A single issue of the quarterly newspaper now costs $2.75.
PINS is the only news agency dedicated to telling the story of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the second largest American Presbyterian denomination. Since 1995, P&R News has been sent, free of charge, to every Clerk of Session in the PCA and to every PCA teaching elder not serving in an organized PCA church. A recent appeal letter has been sent to all of those on the mailing list, asking them to consider becoming paid subscribers.
Besides paid subscriptions, money to operate the news service comes from sponsoring churches and from other donations, as well as advertising revenues.
Those who have been on the mailing list who wish to subscribe may take advantage of a special half-price offer, between now and March 15th. A year's subscription through that date is available for only $5.00. Checks may be made payable to PINS and sent to its Treasurer, Mr. Robert Wildrick, 3685 Creekstone Place, Norcross, Georgia 30092.

PINS Announces
Ministerial Advisors

Presbyterian International News Service (PINS) has announced its initial Ministerial Advisors. According to PINS Chairman of the Board, Robert Shapiro, these men have been appointed in order to advise the news organization in its operation and in the production of its newspaper, Presbyterian & Reformed News.
In selecting nominees, the editorial staff deliberately chose men from a variety of theological perspectives within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) spectrum. Readers are encouraged to submit their own nominees for future consideration.
The Ministerial Advisors have an advisory role only. Each quarter, a list of the proposed stories is being sent to each of the Advisors. On a rotating basis, about one-fourth of the Advisors are being sent advanced copies of some of the articles themselves, so as to give opportunity for feedback and constructive criticism. Although not binding on the editorial staff, the suggestions are listened to very carefully and often shape the final version which appears in print.
As of February 15, 1999, the following had agreed to be Ministerial Advisors: Paul Alexander, Huntsville, Ala.; Henry Bishop, Montgomery, Ala.; Jeff' Black, Fremont, N.C.; Rod Clay, Greenville, S. C.; M. D. Connor, Gulfport, Miss.; Richard Edwards, Martinez, Ga.; Tim Fortner, Tupelo, Miss.; Robert Hays, Pearl, Miss.; Kerry W. "Pete" Hurst, Newport News, Va.; William L. "Buck" Mosal, Clinton, Miss.; James T. O' Brien, Raleigh, N. C.; Tom Patete, Suwanee, Ga.; Randy Riddle, Conway, S. C.; Dr. Morton H. Smith, Brevard, N. C.; Dr. John Stodghill, Waynesboro, Miss.; Dr. Leonard Van Horn, Alabaster, Ala.; John M. Warren, Jr., Aiken, S. C.; and C. Nixon Willborn, Birmingham, Ala.