Editor's Note on the New Song-Salt Lake Articles

Dealing with the series of articles on New Song-Salt Lake has been probably the most draining experience of our three years of publishing this newspaper. It is not a pretty story. Writing on it has not been fun.

After conversing with major participants, major revisions in our accounts have been made. We have tried hard to be fair to all parties concerned.

There have been times when we have wanted to forget about this story. It is always much more pleasant not to have think about things that aren't nice. But the cause of truth, along with the peace and purity of the church, have compelled us to relate what has gone on.

In doing so, we have been cognizant of the fact that many people associated with New Song-Salt Lake have been deeply wounded by what has transpired. We are convinced, however, that many of these hurts would not have occurred if New Song-Salt Lake had manifested a different type of ministry. Our desire is that the Presbyterian Church in America would take decisive steps to ensure that this kind of situation does not happen again.

We have offered to several of the principals the opportunity to correct and amend the stories concerning them. If anyone is displeased with our coverage, we are pleased to offer space in the next edition of this publication for explanation and/or rebuttal.