Eastern Canada

The Presbytery of Eastern Canada had a short and upbeat meeting at the end of February. Reports were heard of growth in our church planting efforts. Grace Toronto Church is holding 3 English language services and a Japanese language service. Their second morning service is being translated into Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian. They are searching hard for a new meeting place, as they are bursting the bounds of the present site. Thames Valley, in London, Ontario, has begun to hold public worship services in

Huron College, and is seeing an average of 20 to 30 people attending, including a number of interested unbelievers.

A commission was appointed to deal with matters relating to reception of a house church in Feversham, Ont., which is expected to apply to be received into our denomination.

Our great problem, and much of our discussion, was centred around the opportunities we have for outreach, and the resources needed for them. The door seems wide open for a major church plant in the national capital, Ottawa, but as yet we can find no church planter for that need. It seems that too many people are afraid that the cooler weather in Canada will put a chill on their spirits! People need to realize that they will get longer, colder winters in North Dakota than in Ottawa. We need someone to work with a keenly committed core group in the small community of Miramichi-Douglastown, in Northern New Brunswick, as well. There are a number of other places opening as well.

The highlight of our meeting, as always, was in the hours devoted to sharing God's blessings and the particular needs we face, and praying together and for one another and the building of the church. We would encourage you all to join with us in prayer for our existing congregations and our outreach, for the spread of a vital church across the spiritual wasteland of Canada.

TE Don Codling, Stated Clerk

900 Old Sackville Road

Lower Sackville, NS CANADA B4E 1R1