Hunt Vallley, MD (November 11, 1997)-The Thirty-second Stated Meeting of Potomac Presbytery was hosted by Hunt Valley Presbyterian Church. Opening worship was led by TE Frank D. Boswell, who preached from Joshua 17:14-18. A collection was taken in support of TE Thomas Shields.

The Moderator, TE T. M. Moore, presided. Among the visitors recognized by the court was TE Bob Fiol, a representative of the Administrative Committee of General Assembly, who later addressed the Presbytery.

The following officers were elected for 1998: RE William (Bingy) Moore, IV, Moderator; TE Ronald Steel, Vice-Moderator; RE Richard Larson, Stated Clerk; RE Gordon Klotsch, Recording Clerk; and Deacon James Sperger, Treasurer.

TE William Sutherland presented the report of the Committee on Special Ministries. Intern Eric Molicki reported on the Reformed University Fellowship at Towson (MD) University.

TE Michael Coleman presented the report of the Committee on Ministerial Responsibility (CMR). TE William Osterhaus reported on the spiritual and financial health of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Kingsville, MD. TE David Coffin reported on the situation regarding the on-going dissolution of Westminster (MD) Presbyterian Church. Presbytery dissolved the pastoral relationship between TE J. Robert Thompson and Pilgrim Presbyterian Church, Martinsburg, WV, effective midnight December 31, 1997; and transferred him to North Georgia Presbytery, pending reception. TE Robert Schoof was honorably retired and his relationship with Pilgrim Church was dissolved effective today. TE John Barber was transferred to Central Florida Presbytery, effective immediately. Presbytery voted to issue an appeal to members of Presbytery for financial aid for two ministers. It was moved, seconded, and approved "that each member church donate $70.00 above budget for each of [these ministers]." It was also approved "that an offering over and above budget be taken at each Stated Presbytery meeting for a fund to be administered by CMR for needy Teaching Elders."

TE Dan Faber presented the Mission to the World Committee report. TE O. Palmer Robertson, TE Manuel (Tito) Padilla-Morales, TE Stan Armes (of Westminster Presbytery), and RE Eric Huber reported on their work.

TE Julian (Skip) Dusenbury presented the report of the Committee on Credentials. TE Michael Mang was examined and was transferred from Calvary Presbytery to become Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Manassas, VA. TE James Paul Warren was examined and transferred from North Georgia Presbytery to become Pastor of Abbott Memorial Presbyterian Church, Baltimore.

RE Eric Conrad Huber was examined as a candidate for ordination. After approval of his exam, Presbytery approved his call from Mission to the World Committee of General Assembly. Also examined and approved for ordination was William Howard Rose, who will be ordained March 15, 1998, as Assistant Pastor of the Hunt Valley Church. Candidate David Klein was transferred, per his request, to the care of South Coast Presbytery.

TE Jack Waller presented the report of the Committee on Administration and Stewardship. Presbytery approved a budget for 1998. A reference had been made at the Thirty-first Stated Meeting, viz., "Is it proper to have a called meeting to examine a man for ordination?" Presbytery approved this answer: "It is proper if it can be shown to constitute an emergency (BCO 13-12)." Presbytery then voted to overture the General Assembly to amend the Book of Church Order to strike any reference to an "emergency"; the rationale offered included the following: "there are circumstances with respect to which a special meeting of Presbytery might be convenient, but which could not fairly be called an emergency (e.g., to hear the report of a study committee or a special commission, to examine and receive ministers transferring into the Presbytery, etc.)."

TE Drew Derreth reported for the Committee on Christian Education. It was reported that all the interns of the Presbytery were doing well.

Under the Mission to North America Committee report, Presbytery voted to permit Mr. Derreth to live and labor as a church planter out of bounds in Hanover, PA, and also voted "that the Stated Clerk write a letter to the Susquehanna Valley Presbytery requesting their permission for TE Derreth to work within [its bounds]."

RE Richard Larson, Stated Clerk

3144 Castleleigh Road

Silver Spring, MD 20904