Rotation of Fraternal Delegates Approved

The Assembly voted to "approve the rotation of Fraternal Delegates speaking at the General Assembly so that we may send and receive fraternal greetings every other year." This motion from the C of C was amended by allowing any denomination that wishes to send Fraternal Delegates every year to do so.
One commissioner had challenged the propriety of the matter being brought to the Assembly by the Interchurch Relations Committee. He cited last year's action, which had recommitted the same proposal to IRC "to be brought again to GA only if there is some agreement established through NAPARC" (M24GA, p. 212). The NAPARC Minutes reflect that Dr. Paul Gilchrist mentioned the possibility of exchanging delegates on a rotation basis, but also that no motion was made and no action was taken.
In arguing that the matter was properly before the court, Dr. Gilchrist stated that the question of fraternal delegation is in the province of each denomination, not NAPARC. Despite the fact that it was pointed out that last year's Assembly had determined that the way the PCA would determine the matter was by reference to NAPARC, the Moderator ruled that he would let the Assembly vote on the question.
[The September 24, 1996 minutes of the IRC stated that "TE Paul Gilchrist was appointed to craft a proposal requesting that the rotation occur every other year and, after review by TE [Henry Lewis] Smith, to forward his proposal to NAPARC in advance of the November meeting."--Ed.]