In Other Action . . .

The 25th General Assembly rejected the recommendation of the Review Committee, not to approve Eastern Canada's response to last year's Assembly. The exception was that "By appointing a member to further instruct a man whom it had just approved for ordination, the presbytery acknowledged that it was not fully satisfied with the individual's qualification (BCO 21-4)." After argument by Eastern Canada's Clerk, TE Don Codling, the Assembly voted 188-190 not to reject the Presbytery's response.
The court took exception to Mid-America Presbytery's minutes, because "Presbytery voted to sustain the examination of transferring PCA TE even though the TE stated that he had not fully read all of the PCA subordinate standards."
The Assembly took exception to New River Presbytery for licensing a man "who 'holds exception in his view of the Sabbath (he does not believe that the Sabbath Day and Lord's Day are the same), the law (he is not absolutely sure that the decalog is the New Testament ethic), and on who may administer the Sacraments (he cannot see that the administration of the sacraments is the sole prerogative of teaching elders; he believes that ruling elders and others who have demonstrated knowledge, understanding, and maturity concerning the sacraments should be allowed to adminster them).'"
The Assembly took two exceptions to the minutes of Northeast Presbytery. First, "Presbytery approved a call that was not a proper call in that the call promised to provide financial care of the teaching elder yet also required the teaching elder to raise his financial support." Secondly, "Presbytery approved a man for membership who took exception to the standards on double predestination without recording the specifics of his differences."
General Assembly took exception to Northern California's minutes because it "received into its teaching membership a TE who was unwilling to use the term 'evangelical church' in fencing the table" and because it "approved the ordination of a candidate whose views of Sabbath permitting work and employment in labor other than deeds of necessity and mercy are contrary to PCA Standards."
North Georgia was twice cited for conducting a called meeting without a quorum, in that no ruling elder was present.
Warrior Presbytery will be required to give answer to the fact that "Presbytery as a body has not taken action on the views of a TE regarding his belief in continuing revelation and in the continuation of all gifts of the Spirit (I Corinthians 14, Romans 14, Ephesians 4) with the exception of apostleship (WCF 1-1 and BCO 13-9f)."