South Coast

Oceanside, CA (January 25, 1997)--Coastal Community Church hosted the January Stated Meeting of South Coast Presbytery. TE Walt Shepherd, Moderator, presided.
Presbytery divided to hear two licensure sermons. Charles Perkins preached from Zephaniah and Dan Fincham from II Peter 1:10-11.
Presbytery granted powers of evangelist per BCO 8-6 to the following MTW missionaries: Gary Watanabe (Mexico), Allen Pritzlaff (Asia), and Andrew Noch (Ethiopia); and to Chaplain Rob Callison. The same powers were granted to TE Jeong Woo Lee, "with the exception that he not be given powers to organize churches or ordain and install ruling elders and deacons."
Regarding the members of the former Church on the Point, Presbytery transferred the membership of Jeline Hinkson, wife of former organizing pastor Kent Hinkson, to Lakeview Presbyterian Church, Vernon Hills, IL. The court also heard from two members, stating that they were attending an evangelical church without becoming members. The Post Office returned a letter sent to Jan Johnson, "indicating that her address is unknown." Despite two letters sent by the Clerk to all the remaining members of Church on the Point, he has not heard from them.
TE Jeffrey Weir was transferred to North Texas Presbytery, pending receipt, so he can become Pastor of New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Dallas.
Presbytery heard a report from TE Lewis Ruff regarding the Western Regional Program of Mission to North America. TE Lee reported on the progress of the New Life Mission and its negotiations for a new facility.
A report was given on the Equip Conference (November 16, 1996). TE Ronald Gleason is working on a series of conferences (or "rallies") for the youth and young people of Presbytery's churches. Chaplain reports were given from TE Callison and TE Mercer (who works as a Chaplain in the Riverside County prisons).
Presbytery voted to send TE Dan Deaton to the conference for Presbytery MTW Committee Chairmen in October. TE Dave Eby reported on meetings regarding Hispanic church planting in the bounds of the presbytery. He introduced a Fuller Seminary student, Brad Arkelian, who has expressed interest in joining the PCA and working in border ministry.
Presbytery took under care Mr. Julius Kim and Mr. Matthew Kingsbury. It licensed Mr. Dan Fincham and Mr. Charles Perkins. TE Iain Duguid, a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England, was received to labor out of bounds as a teacher at Westminster Seminary. He stated that his only exception to the standards of the church was that he "believes ruling elders ought to be able to administer sacraments." TE John Bash, who had been turned down by South Coast Presbytery for reception in Fall 1996, was again presented for reception in order to be a church planter in Irvine. He stated that his previous views on the PCA Standards have not changed since his ordination, and "his only exception concerned his disagreement over the prohibition of recreation on the Sabbath." The Moderator declined to rule out of order a motion to "arrest the examination of TE Bash, sustain the examination, and receive him as a transfer from the Potomac Presbytery." Presbytery sustained the chair, and the motion carried. A call from General Assembly MNA Committee was placed in his hands, with total salary and benefits package of $84,000 including $40,000 housing allowance.
Presbytery transferred TE Steven Baugh to South Coast Presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, after dissolving the associate pastoral relationship between him and Trinity Presbyterian Church, Escondido.
The commission report regarding the ordination and installation of Dion Marshall as Associate Pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church was approved.
TE Doug Swaggerty, Stated Clerk
3050 Blenkarne Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008