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The purpose of this news service is to advance fellowship, piety, and orthodoxy, especially among the constituency of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), through the dissemination of news about and of interest to the PCA and through the publication of articles and editorials which promote historic Presbyterian doctrine and practice.

The Editor-in-Chief has final responsibility for the content of the newspaper. Unsigned articles and editorials have been written by the Editor. Signed articles and editorials are the responsibility of each individual author. Only documents signed and authenticated by the appropriate clerks should be regarded as having official status. The names and addresses of the presbytery stated clerks are provided as a courtesy, and do not imply that the clerk listed is responsible for the material. Correspondence (whether by letter, fax, or e- mail) sent to the Editor dealing with a topic previously discussed in this publication will be considered a "Letter to the Editor" unless it is clearly marked "Not for publication." Letters to the Editor should ordinarly be 250 words or less, and may be edited.

Presbyterian and Reformed News, a bimonthly publication, is sent, free of charge, to every PCA clerk of session and to every PCA teaching elder not serving in a PCA congregation. Others may subscribe at a rate of $15.00 for every four issues. Bulk rates are available.

Robert Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief
Frank J. Smith, Ph. D., Editor
Penelope Abraham-Smith, Assistant Editor
Adrian Abraham, Web Site Editor and Newspaper Layout Manager
Robert Wildrick, Treasurer

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All correspondence except for subscriptions and donations should be sent to the editorial office. Subscriptions and donations should be sent to the treasurer.

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PO Box 60
Coeburn, Virginia 24230
(276) 395-PINS (7467)
Financial Office
PO Box 60
Coeburn, Virginia 24230
(276) 395-PINS (7467)

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