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"I left for Korea dragging my feet. I did not want to go. Now that I've been here three weeks, God has shown me why I came."

Missionaries to the Military

The words quoted above were spoken by one of our Army chaplains. They express the emotion felt by many chaplains as they leave home and family to serve in a foreign land. As missionaries to the military, Chaplains are responsible for uplifting spirits, sharing the Gospel, and revealing how Jesus Christ and the claims of Scriptures are relevant to everyday life.

This same chaplain goes on to say, "Once I realized how desperately the soldiers here needed spiritual nourishment, I thanked God for giving me this opportunity. I have been richly rewarded."

This man is one of many serving around the world who are part of the Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRJC) and MNA Chaplain Ministries. These servants of God have the potential to do a powerful work for the Kingdom. But to maximize their effectiveness, they need your support.

A Unique Ministry.

Chaplains meet a vital need. Like civilian pastors, military chaplains preach, lead Bible studies, minister to the sick, and comfort the bereaved. They also have unique opportunities to reach and influence those who have never received Christ, as well as those who may need to recommit their lives to Him.

Working side by side daily with military men and women - in the field, on installations, overseas, in hospitals - they share a comaraderie that often leads to discussion of spiritual issues. What's more, chaplains frequently associate with military personnel when they're vulnerable - away from home and lonely, facing tough challenges, experiencing a new lifestyle, suffering from illness or injury. At times like these, they are particularly receptive to the Gospel.

"Being a Jumpmaster in the 82nd Airborne Division conveys automatic credibility with paratroopers . . . it has opened doors with troopers who never approached me with spiritual concerns before I took this training."

This observation by a military chaplain typifies the opportunities available. "The field services I conducted during my two-week training were the best attended of any I've ever held. I shared the Gospel individually with a dozen soldiers, preached to more than 80, and led several to rededicate their lives to Christ."

Opportunities like these open up time and again in military settings. Think of how many lives can be added to God's Kingdom because of our Chaplain Ministries! Underlying the importance of their work is the fact that our chaplains are focused on Jesus Christ and committed to evangelism.

Wanted: A few good men.
And women too.

You can make a difference for these chaplains of the PRJC and MNA Chaplain Ministries who serve in the military, in VA hospitals, and in federal prisons. These men represent four denominations:

If you've been in the service, you may know firsthand the value of Chaplain Ministries. Or perhaps you know someone who has benefitted. If that's the case, then you may have a special interest in learning more about our chaplain ministries and supporting these efforts.

For people like you, we've organized The Chaplain Guardian Corps, and we invite you to become a member. By joining, you indicate your interest in supporting our chaplains with your prayers and your gifts. A suggested annual membership gift is $100. In exchange, we'll update you regularly on the PRJC and MNA Chaplain Ministries. We'll keep you posted on the activities of individual chaplains and their prayer requests.

"The ministry to these soldiers has deepened, and God is drawing many to faith in Christ . . . His grace has allowed me to be a small instrument in this process."

Our chaplains come in direct contact with thousands of people. They're in a position to witness for Christ to huge numbers who might never attend a church. They have the opportunity to lead many to accept Him. Your support will strengthen their ministries.

Think of it as serving your country as well as your God

Your gifts will assist the PRJC and MNA Chaplain Ministries and the work of the full-time Director. He serves as endorser and liaison with the military, as pastor to chaplains, and as a recruiter of new chaplains. He also visits with our chaplains and with the churches of the four denominations represented. Your gifts will also provide valuable literature for our chaplains to use in ministry.

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